Friday, September 28, 2012

The "Ref's" are back!

After much controversy and some really bad calls by the "replacement refs" in NFL football, the "real refs are back! Those guys (the real refs) must have been really basking in the momentary limelight, when as they took the field they got a standing ovation ... not typical for the refs of any league. But after the lock-out and contract disputes came to an end, likely hastened by the last major "bad call" at the Green Bay/Seattle game, the crowds showed their appreciation for the real refs at the Baltimore/Cleveland game Thursday night. I am an NFL football fan. I play in a football pool (no money, just a traveling trophy) and I have instituted "football Friday's" at work, (agents are allowed to wear jeans if they also wear a football jersey) and I look forward to Sunday's games. I really like to watch at my son in laws house because he has the big screen with the 8 way picture in picture!  I'm not up to date on what the actual dispute was (something to do with 401k plans) but I am just glad to have them back. Maybe now, the teams that should statistically win, will, without those replacement refs making bad calls and throwing games. Hey, I can respect that the replacements were simply "way out of their leagues, literally" but the fans want the caliber of sport we have been accustomed to. Glad they resolved that before people stopped buying tickets to games and advertisers started pulling ads! So, are you ready or some football? (Good football?) I am!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dirty Politics - 2012

     It's that time again, you get that nightly interruption at the dinner table asking if you could "just answer a few short questions" about the upcoming elections, then 10 minutes later, you're eating cold food! Who else is sick and tired of hearing the slander and back stabbing that goes on every time there is an election? I say, it's time to make a new rule:
     All political advertising must be about the candidates him or herself. No mention of the other guy or gal, only facts about yourself ... period. I don't need to know what bad things the other side did, it's likely an exaggeration anyway, tell me what you have done personally and what you are going to do for me and my school/group/country if I elect you. That's all. Common sense.
Heck, they should call it "common sense campaigning". You agree?
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