Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aurora Tragedy - July 2012

What just happened? Better yet, why? What can we do to prevent this from happening again, ever? So many questions and no answers. Even if we get answers they won't erase the damage that's already been done. A crowd of happy movie go-ers settles in for the latest big box office hit and some "mad man" opens fire on them for no apparent reason. You and I have been to the movies, it could have happened to us at any given time, what do we do? Retreat into our locked up homes and not go out anymore; not change a thing, having learned nothing and put ourselves in dangerous situations; or find a happy medium where we pay a little extra attention to our surroundings, learn how to protect ourselves but keep on living ... I think we have to keep on living, if we don't, the "mad men" win, by making us live in fear. The angry part of me wishes there had been just 1 person in that theater with a concealed weapons permit, things may have ended differently ... the compassionate part of me says, whoa, how screwed up is that guy to go to that extreme? There must be a million "what-if's". In the months and years to come we will surely hear more about the details of this horrible tragedy and hopefully set in motion steps to prevent other tragedies. How far back will we find out the damage to this "mad man" goes? Was it drugs? Bad childhood? Too many video games? Poor mental health? Bullying? Religious calling? I'm sure there will be more than one thing blamed before it's all over. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the familes and friends involved, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Speedy recovery to those who need it. Take this thought with a grain of salt: what can you do to (or with) your own family and friends, to make them happy, well adjusted, healthy, functioning members of society? If you see something going wrong with them (at any time), step in ... it may not be just their life you save.