Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tourist Season in VB

Here we are, already in the middle of August and "back to school" is in the air. The days are still hot and humid but the sun is setting sooner. Vacations are wrapping up, the tourists will all be gone soon and we can use our fine beaches again. Not that we don't LOVE our VB tourists, we do ... they keep our tax base low by coming in and paying taxes so we don't have to. If you have been one of our beloved tourists, thanks for coming, but have you ever given thought to moving here to Hampton Roads instead of only visiting once a year? Imagine if you could go to the beach anytime you wanted and not have to stay in a hotel room. Imagine owning a home that you could use as your primary residence or owning a beachfront second home, that when you are not occupying it, you could rent out and collect huge sums of rental monies from other tourists. (Could likely pay for itself and then some.) Imagine all the activities that take place here year round that you are missing. You already know that Va. Beach is a wonderful place to visit, why not stay and call it home? If you have given any thought to making the move to Va. Beach a permanent one, whether now or in the near future, contact me, let's make a plan and start looking. Maybe you are a "local" but never really thought about owning a second home, now may be the perfect opportunity to explore the possibility. This current market may be challenging for sellers but it is a varitable "smorgasboard" of opportunity for buyers. Let's see if owning a second home or income making property is right for you.
Have a safe summer.