Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring Listing Season 2014

So spring is just around the corner and you have been considering selling your home all winter ... just like lots of other sellers, you thought it would be a good idea to wait until spring to list. That's not always true, consider this: if you listed sooner than everyone else, the number of available (competing) homes that buyers will look at and compare to yours would be less than if you waited and put it out on the market in the springtime, with all the others who thought "spring time is the best time to sell". It is true that buyers like to make the actual move during the summer months especially when school age children are involved. Buyers will buy when they find the right home, period. Do you think yours stand a better chance of being the "right home" along side 2 others or 22? The odds are in your favor when there are fewer listings on the market similar to yours. One more thought to consider: if the interest rate goes up, the home buyer who could afford your home today may not qualify to buy it tomorrow. By waiting you may actually be shrinking the size of your qualified buyer pool. My conclusion: don't wait, list now, buy now. But I may be jaded.