Thursday, July 26, 2012

Western Wildfires (2012)

Seems like many parts of the West are literally on fire. Idaho, Colorado and Utah. It's hard for us here on the East coast to imagine it as we have had plenty of rain this year, they on the other hand, have not. Is this more signs of "global warming"? Temperatures in the 100's, no rain. At the time I wrote this one, I was actually in Salt Lake City, Utah, awaiting the birth of my 3rd grandson. So dry and hot. Grass is all brown and crispy in most places. Dust blowing on a hot wind. I can see fire burning in the canyon along the rim of the mountains, billowing smoke. Wish we could send some of our rain in the East out here where they need it. I took a picture yesterday of the clouds ... they looked like they were dropping rain but it was evaporating before it even got close to the ground, weird. This is a good reminder that we do not have an infinite supply of water here on this planet. And also what global warming (pollution) is doing. We have to take care of what we do have and use it wisely. Check out Wildfires Getting Worse?  an interesting article I found on the internet (by the Washington Post). Consider this: are you conserving water when you can? Every little bit helps. Couldn't you turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth? Couldn't you let the water run a little less before you get in the shower? Try turning it off while you lather up. Do only full loads of dishes and laundry. Be sure to use a shut off nozzle on the garden hose, you know the deal. Go crazy and use the left over pasta water or melted cooler ice to water your plants. You want to be really green? Try installing a rain barrel. You have any crazy ideas? Love to hear them. I'm all for finding new ways to be kind to the planet. Hey lastly, if you are the praying kind, please pray for rain in the West.