Thursday, July 15, 2010

Duck, duck, GOO !

So, as ususal a mother Muskogee duck in my neighborhood has laid her eggs in a nest in someones front yard. The duck family has no access to water because they are a whole block away from the nearest pond and everyone has a fenced yard. She now parades the almost fully grown ducklings up and down the street, stopping at front doors and open garages, her babies begging for food. Ok, that's cute but ducks poop! Picture 10 babies and 1 mother pooping all over your sidewalks, driveways, lawn and decks and heaven forbid you leave your garage door open oh yes, they will come inside and poop there too! Next come the flies, just seconds after the green "goo" hits the ground! The terrific odor strikes you next, smells a lot like a barnyard! What's a homeowner to do? According to the city (animal control) nothing. They are a protected species. Argh! Hopefully in a few more weeks the ducklings will be big and strong enough to fly and go find a source of water, till then we keep power washing, sweeping and hosing out the garage. Mother nature has a funny sense of humor.