Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Hurricane Ready"?

It's that time agin ... if you are near or within striking distance of a coastline you need to be prepared for a hurricane to hit. What does that really mean? Well for starters, it's time to pay attention to the weather reports. Hurricanes take days to organize so if you watch the weather every few days or so, you will likely stay on top of things and not be surprised by any major storms. If you are a "smart phone user" there are many "apps" now available to keep you informed of your local weather conditions right on your phone!  So what else can you do? Make a plan, stock up on emergency supplies. Check out this link to the FEMA
Hurricane preparedness site, it has some great ideas. I keep some big storage tubs packed and ready to go in my garage, just in case. If I am asked to evacuate, I'll take them with me. If I get stuck at home during and after a storm, I have supplies to hold me over until the power and water come back on. My basics are: cases of bottled water, flashlights and extra batteries. Assorted canned and dried foods, medicines, first aid supplies, blankets, toiletries, candles, matches, a lighter and a radio. I also keep a cell phone charger in my car and my really important documents in 1 container so I can grab them and go if I had to. A deck of cards is a bonus. I try to keep my vehicles gas tanks at least half full during hurricane season, just in case I need to get out of town fast! No pets,or kids at home, but if I had them, I would have to make a plan for them too.
Now that I am prepared, I can sit back an see if any storms get named after anyone I know ... it's a great reason to call them and check in ! Please be safe. And remember, you do not have to be on the coast to be effected by a hurricane. I'm keeping my eye on Tropical Storm Barry, are you?