Monday, April 30, 2012

REALTORS* Nationwide Open House Weekend

This past weekend I took part in the "Nationwide REALTOR* Open House Weekend" and I had visitors. If you haven't been out looking at open houses lately you should. There are some amazing houses out there and sellers are really trying to make their homes shine! It's fun to see how other people live and be nosey. Not to mention there are some amazing deals out there to be had too. Never really thought about it? Ponder this: You have a nice sized stash of money in your savings account earning what, maybe 1% interest? What if you took that cash out, bought some real estate (right now at these low prices) made a profit on it each month, (like a rental property) and held it just long enough for the market to turn? You could sell it for more than you paid and you will have been profiting from it the whole time you owned it. And, if you have paid down the mortgage while you owned it, you could have some serious "cash in hand" when you sell. Hmm, income from real estate every month then profit when you sell. I'll bet that earns you way more than your measley 1% would have. I do it, you can too. In this volatile economy, there are many people who just can not qualify to buy, well, they have to rent from someone. Why not you? You can pay someone else's mortgage, pay your own mortgage or have someone pay your mortage for you, that last one sounds nice right? If you would like to explore this idea even further, contact me, let's take a look at some the numbers and check out some "deals". Want to explore a little on your own, try the mortgage calculator (link) I have attached for you. Then visit my listings website at:   Not all investors are "Donald Trump's", they are people who made a plan, partnered with a professional and invested their money wisely. Plan now for your own (near) future.

Monday, April 23, 2012

DNS Malware (July 9th Computer Virus)

What is "DNS Malware" and better yet, why do I need to know? First remember this, I am no computer genius, as a matter of fact I was born BC (before computers)!
     Apparently there has been another major computer virus type thingy (malware) out there on the internet, infecting millions of computers without notice. Even the FBI has been working on this one trying to get it cleaned up. How do you know if you are infected? Well, when the FBI shuts down it's backup system on July 9th, 2012, if you can no longer connect to the internet ... yep, you've got it! So how can you prevent that from happening? Go to the FBI website ( ) search for more information or click on the link
HERE that I have provided to the best FBI article I could find on it. It tells you how to determine if you have it. (Click on "check your computers DNS settings", then choose your link by language) It's an easy click through, and simple to read (color test). It even gives some links to instructions for how to get rid of it. Do it before July 9th, just in case! After that, you're on your own.
     I checked mine, I am good to go! Guess I'll still be blogging after July 9th. Hope you will still be here to see me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

US Navy Jet Crash in Virginia Beach

   It's been called an "Easter miracle" on Good Friday . . . a US Navy F-18 fighter jet crashed directly into an apartment complex at noon, during spring break and no one lost their life! (See picture above)
   For the residents of Virginia Beach there was nothing unusual about the days flight activity until the smoke. We knew what that particular shade of black meant and word spread faster than the flames. Immediately our first responders, our thoughts, prayers and donations went out to those affected by the crash but just days later, around here, it's business as ususal.
   Jets are once again flying overhead and we do not live in fear. We live in freedom. We understand the risk involved and that freedom isn't free, it's paid for by pilots, captains, grounds troops, and every service member, and they must train.
   Remember how annoyed we all were when the entire region held it's annual "mock tragedy" so that all the local bases and EMS's could learn how to work together, because it backed up traffic and panicked those who didn't know it was only a drill? This crash is exactly the reason they do those. Proof that it works? No loss of life! A fine tuned rescue effort and no loss of life.
    We may never know what truly happened up there to bring this jet down, so be it. We do know that
through a combination of pilot skill, the grace of God and sheer luck, no one paid with their life.
    Thank you God for sparing lives in this recent tragedy. I say, if a jet crashes in to my house, consider it my donation (duty fulfilled) to the United States of America and the constant fight for freedom.

Just in case you didn't see it or just want more info: Link to USA Today's article (4/7/12)