Friday, March 21, 2008

Buyer Busy!

So busy with buyers now. It's a good thing. Doing home inspections, negotiating contracts, working out closing details, it's all a blur! Also still assisting lots of sellers, Staging homes for sale, marketing them, advertising, websites, the works!
With mortgage interest rates so low, it's no wonder so many homes are on the market for sale. Even homeowners are taking the opportunity to "move up" into bigger and better homes at prices that are great!
Right now is the perfect time for everyone to think about buying a home! This buyers market can't last forever. Right now sellers have been paying for the buyers closing costs and giving home warranties. Homes are even being pre-inspected before going on the market for sale, to make homes more appealing to buyers. It's like you've almost run out of excuses not to buy! 1 call, text or email can get you started on the way to owning your own home or moving up! Go ahead, contact me.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bottomed Out?

I am happy to report that I have been so busy in real estate that I haven't even had time to blog! I have sellers that are actually selling and buyers are out shopping for homes again! Today the Feds raised the limits they will lend on Fanie Mae and Freddie Mac loans . . . what that may mean is, more people can afford to buy homes and more people can afford to refinance if they are in trouble. There was even speculation that it may drive the rates lower. We, at Family Realty GMAC, just launched a "Military Advantage Program" where people who qualify can actually earn credit ($$$) back at closing and more! I'm so glad to see more and more people getting out of rentals and into homes of their own. {Say you live in a home for 3 years then move, if you owned that home then you have a home to sell for profit ... if you rented that home, you have nothing but a handful of receipts and by the way, nobody wants to buy them!} Renting is actually paying someone elses mortgage, why do you keep doing that? STOP! I can help.