Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gov't Reopens, Averts Housing Impact

Gov't Reopens, Averts Housing Impact - Read here the latest info on the government shutdown (now ended). For those of us currently in the real estate business I can honestly say this has still caused some "major bumps" for us especially when it comes to closing homes sale purchases. With no government at work, we have not been able to get security records, neccessary permissons from government lenders and many other bits and peices of information to close on the sale of our "pending" homes. We will likely still face a delay now with the 16 days of back logged files and issues before we get back to regular closings. What about all the the buyers who's rate locks or approvals have since expired? They have to practically start over. All the documents that have to be re-created to correct figures and dates ... what a waste of time and money. The silver lining here is that Americans are back to work ... for now. People, I can not stress to you enough the importance of getting out to vote! Let's get some new talent into power!