Monday, April 27, 2009

Business is Booming!

Maybe it's just me, or Family Realty GMAC, but we have seen a real pick up in action over the last 2 weeks. Listings are being shown more frequently, offers are coming in on homes for sale and buyers are putting in contracts on homes to purchase! Lots of activity. I am a realist, so by no means am I saying the worst is over, we have a long way to go but if people keep buying we will pull ourselves out of this recession the gradual, natural way. Real estae, like most things, runs in cycles ... highs and lows ... we have been in the low for a while now, it's time for things to start heading up again. If you have been thinking about making a move into your first home, a larger home or even downsizing, now may be the perfect time. Interest rates are still low, choices are still plenty and bargains can still be had. Don't wait until the rates go up or buyer incentives (like closing cost assistance) go away. Contact a REALTOR* today, oh yeah, I am a REALTOR*.